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Pavel V Ryzhenko - Triptych The Czars Calvary - Farewell To The Emperor With His Troops

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  • irb - Wednesday 27 September 2017 13:38
    March 19, Monday
    Last day at Mogilev. At 10:15 I signed the farewell order to the armies. At 10: 30 I went into the guard-house to say good-bye to all ranks of the Staff and bureau. At my own house I bade farewell to the officers and Cossacks, of my guard, cavalry and infantry. It nearly broke my heart. At 12 o'clock I went to Mother's and lunched with her and her suite. At 4:30 1 left her, Sandro, Sergei, Boris (Grand Dukes Alexander and Sergei Mikhailovich, and Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich) and Aleck. Poor Nilov was not permitted to go with me. At 4:45 I left Mogilev; a crowd that was greatly moved came to see me off. Four members of the Duma accompanied me. Went by way of Orsha and Vitebsk. The weather is cold and windy. It is hard, painful, and sad.